Front Row with Gypsy Soul

From our home to yours

Join us the last Saturday of each month for our "Front Row with Gypsy Soul" live streaming (2-set) concerts. Be sure to tune in early for our music videos, back catalog live performance videos and slides shows in our "15 minute of fame" pre-shows which start at 5:45 PM PST.

It's because of your generous contributions and appreciating that there is an exchange, that we've been able to keep going in our music career during the Pandemic as well as continue to make new music videos frequently for your viewing.

Thank you again to all who've contributed and continue to support our concerts. For over a year, we've kept our shows "pay-what-you-are-inspired-to-give" events. We'd like to keep our live streaming concerts that way as long as we can so that all can participate. Soon enough live shows will kick in and we'll be back to our $30-$60 tickets for in-person events.