"Summertime" live at the Triple Door, Seattle.

What the media is saying about Gypsy Soul

Gypsy Soul has been "TOP PICK / CRITIC'S CHOICE" in 60 publications including:  Seattle Times, Orange County Register, SF Examiner, Seattle P.I., Palo Alto Daily News, LA Almanac, Orange County Weekly, Pacific Sun, Park Record, Bass Player, Performing Songwriter, Monterey County Herald, Jefferson Monthly, Where Magazine, Medford Tribune, San Francisco Herald, Salt Lake City Weekly, The Deseret, Desert Post Weekly and Ashland Daily Tidings, among others.  You can also find Gypsy Soul write ups in The Hollywood Reporter, Billboard Magazine, RayGun, Dirty Linen, Maverick UK, Base Player, Pop Culture Classics, Daily Courier and numerous international paper and magazines.

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"I really enjoyed Gypsy Soul's True! They are a truly unique sound. Cilette takes "Hallelujah" to a new place!"

"Roman’s fluid guitar embraces Cilettes’ soulful vocals as they forge a musical journey of deep questions, curiosities and illuminations. True is finely-spun gold.” -SUE ENNIS, Heart and The Lovemongers (Shoreline, WA)

"Cilette Swann's voice is haunting and Roman Morykit's musicianship is superb. Their music stirs the soul and moves the spirit." - Monica Rizzo, PEOPLE MAGAZINE (Los Angeles, CA)

"Gypsy Soul is one of the most brilliantly instrumented and vocally adept bands alive and kicking. The most original material in the folk-rock scene today - totally unique and captivating." - ORANGE COUNTY WEEKLY (Santa Ana, CA)

"....And their adaptations of traditional holiday tunes are beautiful — I can’t describe their “Noel” in words, other than to say it will convince any hater of Christmas music to think otherwise." - Marian Liu, SEATTLE TIMES (Seattle, WA)

'FOUR STARS.' "Morykit plays an array of guitars and keyboards, coming up with an evocative style of folk-rock that supports Swann's singing of romantic lyrics to catchy melodies, her voice not so much suggestive of Nicks as of a cross between Joni Mitchell and Heart's Ann Wilson." - ALL MUSIC, William Rhulmann

"Any discussion of today’s finest female vocalists must include Cilette Swann. And no one who has heard any of the brilliant Gypsy Soul’s entrancing albums would disagree. If you’re unfamiliar with this dynamic musical duo, the new album, “True,” is truly the perfect place to begin. Swann’s voice dazzles from the opening notes onward. She’s a revelation. Versatile and often acrobatic, without ever seeming forced or disingenuous, she will keep you enthralled throughout. She can convincingly deliver her poetically crafted lyrics with powerful passion or sensuous subtlety. When she suddenly floats into the uppermost regions of her remarkable range, she’ll take your breath away. The twosome weaves touching sounds, reflecting pop, jazz, blues and Americana flavors. “Your Kind” is delicate, disarming and delicious. “Gotta Be Real” starts with a rock edge and, in the middle, soars with horns and harmonies that come as exhilarating surprises. “Mirabelle” is another gem. The intricate melodies achieve emotional resonance. The duo’s interpretations of “Hallelujah” and “Amazing Grace” are astonishingly fresh and filled with poignancy. Arrangements and instrumentation, guided with the insights of Swann’s intuitive and talented partner, composer/multi-instrumentalist Roman Morykit, are beautifully understated and impeccably complementary, allowing the vocals to hold their much deserved place in the spotlight." - PAUL FREEMAN, Pop Culture Classics

From "Genre Spanning Titles That Rock"  -  Gypsy Soul...."have carved out an impressive discography filled with material blending Celtic, folk, jazz, rock and other styles with a master's touch.  Gypsy Soul's thirteenth album True offers an engaging and eclectic collection of songs sure to thrill fans." - ROBERT KINSLER, Rock and Roll Truth (Music Worth Buying)

"Gypsy Soul's latest CD True is simply fantastic; soulful lyrics and beautiful vocals, intricately woven with feel good melodies that are exceptionally satisfying! I loved every track!"  - Douglas Newsom, co-founder BBS Radio

"It's clear that Gypsy Soul embraces the DIY ethic more thoroughly than many of today's indie rock bands.” - SEATTLE P.I.

"A musical marriage that spans the globe, a self-invented, organic sound that has roots in rock and soul, country and folk, blues.... with vocals and lyrics intertwined like a pair of life-long partners inspiring others to follow their dreams." - ROY TRAKIN (Hits Daily Double Magazine)

“The Journey...strikingly beautiful with the group's seamless blend of folk, jazz, pop and world music.”  

"A gorgeous mix of rich female folk, pop, jazz with touches of bluegrass. This is highly enriched folk that nourishes the dried up gardens of the soul." - CD BABY (Portland, OR)

"The pair have a truly enchanting sound, mesmerizing and soul-striking. Think of them as a world music version of Sarah McLachlan." - SEATTLE TIMES  

"Swann possesses a versatile, intense and expression-filled singing voice.  Roman is an accomplished musician...his mixing and production on this set is totally top drawer." - MAVERICK UK

“An exquisite slice of Celtic-influenced, groove-abundant modern pop. For those ready to go, Gypsy Soul will take you to pop heaven." - PERFORMING SONGWRITER (Three time "Top D.I.Y." artist)

"First of all, I like what you are doing for a lot of reasons. You have a God given quality within your voice that is more than apparent. In good music, of any kind, emotion stands first and you have that emotional quality that makes your music work. Second, when I listen to your CD I find that each tune has its own merit to uniqueness and that is called style. So many artists today want to sound like everyone else so they can get through the door of the industry. Reality tells me that people like yourself find the industry of music a hard fit because they can’t categorize you into the mold that fits their marketing capabilities. I started Nashville Side Streets because of people like you that I saw who have talent above and beyond what you normally hear on radio and TV. You are a quality driven artist and that gives you power around the normal listening public whom I believe are just starting to catch on to the real talent that lies in the  nooks and crannies of every town in the world.  The internet is just starting to bring these great talents to light. May you find peace in your music  because it truly is a gift that you have."  - RONNIE DEAN, Producer "Nashville Side Streets"

"It is impossible not to be touched by the magic and the wonder of the Gift of Story and Song given so gently and generously by these beautiful angels of music.  The music of Gypsy Soul is a Conversation with God." 
- NEALE DONALD WALSCH, NY Times Best Selling Author (Ashland, OR)

"On Beneath The Covers: A Rediscovery, ".......their renditions, unique enough to call their own yet true to the originals, are exceptional. There is something so very special about hearing a familiar tune, and then even more so when done by such wonderful musicians.   We highly recommend this album and encourage readers to attend a Gypsy Soul concert if possible as grassroots touring is a large part of their musical expression." - SENTIENT TIMES

“Arranger Morykit’s passionate fretless lights Cilette Swann’s beguiling Sinead-meets-Trisha Yearwood vocals.”
- BASS PLAYER (New York, NY)

"Acoustic rock duo Gypsy Soul has family roots that stretch across the globe, and their musical influences are equally far-flung. (The) Duo offers music from deep within their souls." - TACOMA WEEKLY (Tacoma, WA)

“Gypsy Soul’s sweet and soulful Celtic-flavored soft rock is an enjoyable departure....Roman Morykit’s fretless bass skills are particularly pleasurable.”  - DIRTY LINEN (Baltimore, Maryland)

“Gypsy Soul; a deep and unique bond both musically and spiritually. Haunting and beautiful.” 
BOB BLACKBURN, Westwood One Radio Networks (Valencia, CA)

“...they combine vocal melodies into a lush, soulful European folk/Celtic rock/r&b sound.” - MUSIC PAPER, (New York, NY)

“...creates pristine dreamy music that soars with Cilette’s exquisite voice.” — TOTALLY ADULT, John Schoenberger

Gypsy Soul's thirteenth album True offers an engaging and eclectic collection of songs sure to thrill fans; the Americana "We Are What We Believe," beautiful acoustic ballad "6,000 Miles," introspective folk rocker "Long, Long Ride" and stripped down soulful exploration of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" all shine here." - DESERT STAR WEEKLY

"Superb vocals and musicianship combine to produce one of the most original sounds I have heard in a long time." 

"The music is just awesome as well as spellbinding.  Makes me kind of wonder how in the hell some of these groups get airplay, and you don't!  What the hell is up with that?:)”….As of Friday the 12th, you can add KTST-89.5 Tustin to your list of stations."  -DJette KTST-89.5 (Tustin, CA)

“Soundtrack producers looking for the next Sarah McLachlan or spiritual descendent of Roxy Music... the music of Gypsy Soul is mesmerizing.”- MUSIC CONNECTION (Los Angeles, CA)

“Morykit is the mastermind here, building a lush musical landscape around his tasteful fretless lines, over which Cilette’s angelic soprano soars.” - BASS PLAYER (New York, NY)

"...their eclectic, rhythmic folk mix is earning them a steady following around town..." - THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

“A distinct female voice and amazing bass are Gypsy Soul’s future in fame...a cross between Tori Amos and Sarah McLachlan.” - PURDUE EXPONENT (West Lafayette, IN)

"Their music is acoustically oriented with female vocalist Cilette Swann delivering a breezy, highly talented voal performance. Swann is lyrically adept too, writing thoughtful prose." - MICHAEL MAUREL, South African Reviewer

“Striking, mystical. Cilette’s voice is both moving and remarkably natural.” - BAM (San Francisco, CA)

"Sanctuary is destined to move the career of Gypsy Soul forward in a big way." - THE ALBUM NETWORK

"Swann has a powerful voice that she is able to adapt to include distinctly soulful Southern twists, complimented perfectly by the Americana-influenced guitar riffs of Morykit." - CF NEW & EXCITING CDS (South Africa)

"Sensuous is the word when it comes to the dramatic soundscapes that emerge at the convergence of Cilette Swann's lush vocals and Roman Morykit's textured bass and guitar arrangements." - GOOD TIMES WEEKLY (Santa Cruz, CA)

“Those with true artistic ability and a passion for the music are a rare breed, but this group is one where those aspects can be found." - THE GLOBAL MUSE "2001 ELITE ARTIST"

“Exquisite. Intoxicating and passion-filled.” - RAYGUN PUBLISHING (Los Angeles, CA)

“Gypsy Soul was the best performance we have ever had on this show.” - BILL MENISH, NBC TV

"Gypsy Soul is gourmet music for music lovers." - K-LOS RADIO (Los Angeles, CA)

(Gypsy Soul has a) "remarkably bold, rich sound." - THE DAILY COURIER (Prescott, AZ)

"Another of those bands based physically in Los Angeles but spiritually in Dublin or Cork, Gypsy Soul are half first-class cover band and half outstanding folk-pop exponents. Gypsy Soul prefer the Eva Cassidy approach, taking other songwriters’ work and completely re-working it so that it takes a couple of listens before you’re absolutely sure it’s the same song."  Regarding their original work.... "Silver Lining, for instance is something that, were Stevie Nicks singing it, could be the lead single for the next Fleetwood Mac album." - THE CITIZEN (South Africa)

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