1. Mirabelle

From the recording True

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The idea for the lyric came to Cilette in a dream. It describes a girl named Mirabelle, who speaks her truth in a world where that is not encouraged and pays the ultimate price for it. It is based on the life of the Mirabal sisters in the Dominican Republic. The Mirabal Sisters were four Dominican sisters who opposed the dictatorship of Rafael Trujillo, and were involved in clandestine activities against his regime. Three of the sisters were assassinated on 25 November 1960. The assassinations turned the Mirabal sisters into "symbols of both popular and feminist resistance".
In 1999, the sisters received recognition by the United Nations General Assembly, who designated 25 November as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women in their honor.
Remastered in 2019.


You seem to know me well
You came into my dreams
Like a faint melody
Played on the edge angel wings
And only, you know why
that you chose me
To share you’re, herstory (It’s) in the heart of this song your spark lives on and on

Our lives are parallel
You’re really, every girl
Hoping to find her way
Before all her dreams fade away
And now I feel, that I must speak this truth
I do believe in you
Oh, your light was dimmed for good
So misunderstood

They hushed your voice
I have no choice
But to speak your name,
Your story’s told
Finally made whole
May it free your soul

This life’s mercurial
Oh, it’s a grand carosel
A timeless round and round
A celestial lost and found
And, there’s so much that,
You’ve shown me
That truth is, always free
An act of bravery
Live life fearlessly

Repeat chorus