1. Your Kind

From the recording True

This song is inspired by some of the people we have met in the music business, but it could easily apply to living with some humans in this world. We recently remastered all of TRUE for 2019.


Your words spin a yarn
and your tales are refined
Your mask is now showing
the face that you hide
It’s a heartless game
Oh your little charade
I'll never, understand,
Your kind

You’re arm’s on my shoulder
With an axe in my back
You grifters and theives
Think the decks are all stacked
you misguided fools
no code and no rules
I'll never understand
Your kind

I know there's so much
That lies (right) before me
More than my two eyes
Could possibly see
And soon, you'll too be
A distant memory
Oh Oh

I’m naked and raw
I stand here alone
I’m bruised and battered
but no broken bones
I take on these lessons
They’re gifts, in this mess
(Still) I'll never, understand your kind

I gave you my all
But it wasn't enough
So you cut out my heart
And you had her stuffed
As a trophy of war,
A prized skull on your door.
I'll never, understand, your kind


You're skillful and cunning
You punish, you curse
You’re wretched and charming
Is there anything worse?
You’ve lost all my trust
Now this whole thing’s a bust
I'll never understand your kind