Gypsy Soul's Annual Fan Gathering Lake Of The Woods

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Lake of the Woods Resort, OR, Lake of the Woods, OR, Lake of the Woods, OR

The plan right now is to go to LOTWs tomorrow for the fan lunch. Should the smoke conditions change by morning time we will post whether we are cancelling or heading up there! Stay tuned and fingers crossed.

12- 3 PM. This is a lunch/hang out...not a GS concert! This will be our 17th annual fan gathering! Please join us... all are welcome to hang out and lunch at the beautiful Lake of the Woods Resort in S. Oregon. PLEASE print your map before driving up there. You will see a map on the Lake of the Woods site. GPS can get you lost! 866-201-4194 Our reservation is under "GYPSY SOUL" and there should be parking for you as you are part of our party! Ask for ALEX if there are any issues he is the manager and promised all our people would be looked after. Here is the menu: