LIVESTREAM CONCERT - "Force Majeure" Concert Series - Show #1 Cilette's B-day Bash Concert

From our home to yours


INSTRUCTIONS: This live streaming concert is BEST VIEWED on your laptop, desktop computer or Ipad. When the concert starts the link will go live. You do not have to sign up or do anything special to watch.

  • If you want to watch it on your PHONE however, it is recommended that you download the livestream app in your app store and you will need to sign up but it is free. We will have our two staffers Lila and Chris working during the concert to help with any technical issues. if you have questions.


This event will be live streaming from our home in Oregon (West Coast Time - 6 PM PDT. ) We will try to get a live recording of these concerts for those who live in farther time zones.

PLEASE NOTE: We have had to cancel all live performances until May at the earliest. This birthday bash concert will now be a LIVE STREAM CONCERT event that you can watch in your home! Details and instructions to follow shortly! If you had already purchased tickets the previously schedule Grizzly Peak Winery Spring Concert, there are a few options: 1) We can of course, refund the full ticket price , 2) you can hold onto the tickets and use them for our August 22nd show at Grizzly Peak Winery OR 3) you can help us by donating the ticket price to help cover our tour cancellations. Your choice and we are happy to accommodate any requests.